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What Our Clients Tell Us

"When  Jim's dementia got worse and he needed more care than I could provide, I was worried I'd have to send him to a facility. The thought of living without my husband of 47 years was unbearable. A friend told me about EDU Care and they sent Jane to look after Jim. Jane has been superb in caring for Jim and we continue to enjoy our home together. Jane feels like a daughter to me and she genuinely cares for my husband and I am pleased beyond words."

Sarah H., Everett, Wa.
"My life changed drastically when my right leg was amputated following complications from diabetes. Simple tasks like showering, driving, and walking my dog now proved problematic. Thankfully I signed up with EDU Care and their people have been nothing short of amazing. Thanks to them I'm living my life to the fullest."

-Jack L., Seattle, Wa.
"After a severe back injury from a road accident, my mobility was severely limited and I was afraid that I'd have to move into a nursing home. I live alone and enjoy the beauty and privacy of my beautiful home. I live on a fixed income and thought home care was beyond my means. I had my niece shop around for good home care and she recommended EDU Care. Ann from EDU Care has been God sent. She is passionate and thorough with her job. I would recommend EDU Care to anyone."

- Kim J., Granite Falls, Wa.
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