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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide loving and dignified personalized  care services to our clients so that they can continue to live in their cherished homes with flexibility, independence, and peace of mind.

We strive to enrich the lives of our clients by providing them with exceptional care while respecting their space. We intend to be proactive, sensitive, and considerate to our clients needs, beliefs and culture.

At EDU Care our goal is to provide the same level of care that we would expect to receive if we were in our clients' shoes.
our mission  
EDU Care offers recreational activities, organize vacations and get together parties for the people who have lost independence. Together with our compassionate, experienced, and well-trained workers we will definitely accomplish this mission. With EDU Care you can relax  in the knowledge that your loved ones are in good hands.

If you would love to be our client, or have any questions regarding our services, please contact us and we shall gladly assist you.
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